16 June 2009

Mission Statement, or something like it

In my mind’s opinion, this has been a long time coming.

Like so many of you, I hope, the dizzying reality of our world has created in me a need to share, to publicly hope, to reach out and find the masses. We have a lot of work to do. And I intend for this forum to be the beginning of my work, the beginning of my personal involvement in the culture we must shape in order to save.

Without question, so many thousands are already in the toil, and through reporting and reflecting and writing so many thousands are fortifying our communal intelligence and vying to unify the like-minded towards the common and unspeakable goal, I hope, millions have within them. I want truly to join in this crusade of culture, this Iditarod of intelligence and communication that will inspire the many to strive for the one.

What I am seeking first is self-improvement. Most basically, as a writer. Using this bare-bones beginner’s forum, it is my goal to write constantly and improve consistently. Concurrently, I hope to widen the gaze of my communicative abilities, use this uncomplicated forum to begin reaching and connecting with people. It is my understanding that so many minds are overwhelmed by the amount of media and culture to be consumed. The internet is an infinite ring circus, and I intend to focus my mind, but on many things. Chiefly, my thoughts being shared and responded to by a community, and the manifestation of my multiple interests.

And although it is likely not apparent from the tone of this introduction, I hope to do so with the wry-smiling satire that is the fuel to a healthy perspective of this world. As I write and we all write about current events, music, culture, thoughts, and ideas, I intend to never forget the sense of satire and awareness passed down through the artistic and cultural chain. As we all must, I hope to use it as effectively and effortlessly as possible. “Life is too serious to be taken seriously.”

We all have something to say. And we all have a lot of work to do. No one, certainly not me, know exactly what that work, this life entails. This is my initial entry towards the public seeking and finding of our meaning. Currently, it’s lost on me. I’m lost, we’re all lost, yet together. We open our eyes in the morning and find posts and tweets and crawls and updates on violence, the threat of bigger violence, and its unending repetition. We know so little of the world and its billions, but the turmoil is apparent to us by the dozens of means with which we interact with one another. Unlike its distant kin who use expression to take advantage of this broken system and its residents, we take solace in media and culture and satire that attempt to spark, ignite, or at least truly inform us. This is my entry into this circus, at once existing simply to create personal catharsis/inspiration and gradually inspire the same catharsis/inspiration in anyone who cares to join in the finding. We are all waiting, we are all hoping, let us all be finding.

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